Polski dla obcokrajowców w Warszawie * Polish for foreigners in Warsaw * Польский для иностранцев в Варшаве - Warsaw

Once, a wise man from China told that the Polish language is dominated by the element of fire. Some of my students say that while listening to the conversation of Poles one has an impression that they are arguing. Poets compare this language to the rustle of the leaves.

Maybe there isn't any truth in claiming that Polish language is, after Chinese, the second most difficult language in the world. Nevertheless, it is definitely not an easy one.

But maybe this doesn't discourage you, maybe you really want to discover Polish and its mysteries, find out what Poles think about themselves, understand what they are laughing at. Perhaps you want to overcome the communicative barriers, get to know new people and new places and simply enjoy your life in Poland?

If yes, your search is over. Here you will find a wide variety of Polish courses, diverse, unique and stimulating lessons, friendly atmosphere and professional, talented teachers.