Polish language courses - Warsaw

Anna Wojtasiak

Anna Wojtasiak

Speaks: Polish, Russian, English

In 2004 I graduated in Polish Philology from the University of Warsaw. At the beginning I was working as a tutor, journalist and proofreader. Since 2005 I've been teaching Polish as a foreign language, at first in Warsaw language schools, now in my own company. Among others I cooperated with Meritum The Polish Language School, FES Foreign Education Services, Worldwide School, Progress English, Language Partner. In each of these places I've learnt something new, gradually increasing my knowledge and professional experience.

I like my job very much. Thanks to it I have an opportunity to meet interesting people and help them to find themselves in Polish reality. My students are wonderful people, who not only decided to get to grips with this extremely difficult language but who are able to see its beauty as well. Through all difficult questions they ask me, through all challenges we're facing together, through shared search for the sense in the grammar elaborateness they give me the chance to discover my own language in a new way. Teaching you is a real pleasure!

Anna Nowakowska

Anna Nowakowska

Speaks: Polish, Spanish, English

My adventure with the Polish language has started in the secondary school - a Polish teacher infected me with his passion. The next step was Warsaw University from where I graduated in Polish Philology in 2009. During my studies I got to know about the branch of knowledge called glottodidactics (which is teaching Polish as a foreign language) and decided to develop my skills in this direction. That's why I applied to "Polonicum" Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners, from where I graduated in 2009. I’ve learnt there how to teach Polish in an effective and engaging way. After studies my teaching career began. The first serious challenge was having classes with a Peruvian as there wasn’t any language between us in which we would be able to support the learning process. But it was a success! Conducting classes in FIYE foundation (European Voluntary Service), in "Polonicum" and in language tandems helped me to develop my skills and abilities as a teacher.

I don’t forget about the lesson after it's finished – I try to be creative in preparing teaching materials, I use a lot of authentic materials such as newspapers or books, I prepare a lot of additional materials such as texts, tests, questions, quizzes as well as language games – I really enjoy it!

In addition I’m an enthusiast of Spanish culture and language and a compulsive reader. In my spare time I also like riding a bike – in a tandem too.

Monika Nawracka

Monika Nawracka

Speaks: Polish, Persian, English

I am a cultural anthropologist. I have studied at the University of Warsaw and also in Iran and graduated in both Iranian and Polish Philology.

Through my studies at the Warsaw "Polonicum" (Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners) I am now qualified to teach Polish as a foreign language.

My interests include European literature, world cinema, psychology and languages. I have studied Latin, Russian, German, English, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic and Persian.

Currently I am teaching both Polish and Persian and helping my students to gain a better understanding of the cultural worlds waiting to be discovered through these wonderful languages.

It would be my great pleasure to teach you the Polish language and culture and, of course, learn more myself along the way because this is my true source of satisfaction.